I am an artist who specializes in the intersection of art and science.  Since my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, I've used medical technology to create art as a way of taking ownership of my disease. I transform the often unsettling and clinical black-and-white brain scans into work that invites others to contemplate the beauty of the brain, to discuss what it means to live in an imperfect body, and to stare directly at the imperfect brain's beauty and complexity with curiosity. 

As my disease has progressed, my practice has evolved.  I am currently working on a project, unofficially titled “The Waiting Room Project,” aimed to transform the untapped potential of time spent in waiting rooms of clinics. I am now concentrating on writing articles about illness and disability for academic journals, news publications and magazines. Through my art, published articles and speaking engagements around the globe, I challenge others to question what it means to be imperfect — to be human.

Click the links below to view my recent talks:

Story of Impact - Stanford Medicine X 2017

Learning To Embrace and Celebrate Our Imperfect Bodies - Stanford TEDx 2017


Due to the ever-changing and progressive nature of life with MS, Jameson has worked with several studio assistants over the years. Currently she collaborates with artist Catherine Monahon, who has contributed her skills in communications, project management, and mixed media, as well as artist, editor and photographer Lisa Foote.