It all began with Facing MS, an online photographic project...

Facing MS - Living in a World of Uncertainty

Facing MS is an online project that includes the portraits and interviews of individuals living with MS; people who are dealing with the uncertainty of the progressive disease in their own unique ways, and on their own terms. View the portraiture and read the narratives at Including participants from diverse ages, stages of disease, race, cultures and economic backgrounds, the project captures the intimate expressions of six individuals as they discuss the emotional complexity of living with disease. Facing MS is a collaboration of artist Elizabeth Jameson and photographer Richard Bermack.

...Which then evolved into an interactive installation for waiting rooms:


It is our dream to initiate a form of Facing MS in waiting rooms across the country:

If you are interested in working with us to build community in a waiting room, clinical space, or other patient-centered space, please contact us at Thank you!